Bioconversione degli inquinanti in nutrienti

The Environmental Biorefinery: Using Microalgae to Remediate Wastewater, a Win-Win Paradigm

Florian Delrue 1, *, Pablo David Álvarez-Díaz 1 , Sophie Fon-Sing 2 , Gatien Fleury 1 and Jean-François Sassi 1
1 CEA Cadarache, Groupe Biomasse 3G, Saint-Paul-lez-Durance F-13108, France; (P.D.A.-D.); (G.F.); (J.-F.S.)
2 Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, UMR 7281 Laboratoire de Bioénergétique et Ingénierie des Protéines, Chemin Joseph AIguier, Marseille F-13402, France;

*Correspondence:; Tel.: +33-4-42-25-72-22

Academic Editor: Paul L. Chen
Published: 25 February 2016


Abstract: Microalgae have been shown to be a source of multiple bio-based products ranging from
high value molecules to commodities. Along with their potential to produce a large variety of
products, microalgae can also be used for the depollution of wastewaters of different origins (urban,
industrial, and agricultural). This paper is focused on the importance of harnessing the bioremediation
capacity of microalgae to treat wastewaters in order to develop the microalgae industry (especially
the microalgae biofuel industry) and to find other alternatives to the classic wastewater treatment
processes. The current research on the potential of microalgae to treat a specific wastewater or a
targeted pollutant is reviewed and discussed. Then, both strategies of selecting the best microalgae
strain to treat a specific wastewater or pollutant and using a natural or an artificial consortium to
perform the treatment will be detailed. The process options for treating wastewaters using microalgae
will be discussed up to the final valorization of the biomass. The last part is dedicated to the challenges
which research need to address in order to develop the potential of microalgae to treat wastewaters.
Keywords: wastewater treatment; bioremediation; microalgae; biofuel; water and nutrient recycling

Read the full article: Energies 2016, 9(3), 132

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