ONU: Acqua ed Energia 2014

Official Launch of the World Water Development Report

21.03.2014 –

Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon greeted this morning the participants at the opening of the World Water Day celebrations in Tokyo. In a video message, Mr. Ban stressed that water must be used and electricity must be generated effectively so all users get their fare share. He further said that “climate change, driven in great part by the unsustainable use of energy, will exacerbate water stress and scarcity in many regions.”
In the official launch of the World Water Development Report – a report where the UN system, through UN-Water, delivers a coherent and intergrated response to freshwater issues and emerging challenges –  Mr. Michel Jarraud, the Chair of UN-Water (in photo) echoed Mr. Ban’s message. Mr Jarraud said: “The report shows that there will be a significant increase in the use of energy. This puts additional pressure on freshwater resources which is further exacerbated by climate change. Increased collaboration is needed on all levels”. Mr. Jarraud said that “we have to take this seriously” and was happy that many Government Representatives were present in Tokyo in their roles as ultimate decision makers.
Mr. Hans D’Orville, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO said that the World Water Development Report is a unique collaboration within the UN system and stressed that in the future we need to improve coordination within the water and energy sectors to ensure sustainable development. “The challenges of water and energy are daunting,” Mr. D’Orville said “but they can be overcome.”
Mr. Taizo Nishikawa, Deputy Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization emphasized the importance of green industry with the sector being one of the thematic challenges tackled in the report. “Green industry will allow societies to develop,” Mr. Nishikawa said. “It will satisfy the need of a global population where resource efficiency is at the center.”

Volume 1: Water and Energy

Volume 2: Facing the Challanges

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