Le microalghe coltivate per energia rinnovabile anche in climi freddi

Algae can be grown as biofuel, even in cold climates
Research into the environmental and commercial benefits of algae is growing around the world.
By Brooks Hays, March 20, 2014

March. 20 (UPI) — In the natural world, algae’s presence is often unwanted. Its overgrowth sucks the oxygen out of bodies of water, depleting biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems. And when it appears in increasing supply along popular shorelines, property values drop, hurting local economies.

Algae isn’t all bad, however. It can serve as a useful biofuel, a cleaner alternative to oil and gas. As well, the slimy green plant can be turned into pigments, cosmetics components and hydrogels. It’s also an efficient absorber of carbon emissions, and could play a roll in controlling climate change.

But even with the known benefits of algae, cultivation in cooler climes, like Finland, has proved challenging. Given the lack daylight in the winter months of northern regions, algae isn’t a profitable biofuel in many places. But new research in Finland shows algae can bloom without light.

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