Riduzione CO2 – USA

By Valerie Volcovici

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Fifteen U.S. states have urged the top environmental regulator to adopt their carbon-cutting policies as a template for future federal rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the country’s largest source of pollution.

Officials from states such as Colorado, Illinois and Minnesota told the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) their states had cut a fifth from carbon emissions by power plants in the past seven years, using policies other states could follow.

A system-wide attack on heat-trapping emissions is a better option than telling individual power plants to cut emissions, as the EPA should focus on shifting the entire electric grid away from high-carbon sources, they said.

“As state experience has shown, reducing demand for fossil generation or providing alternative, cleaner, sources of supply, achieves emissions reductions far beyond the level that can be achieved by improving the operations of individual fossil plants,” they told the agency in a letter.




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