Alghe tossiche uccidono i salmoni (Montana e British Columbia)

14 hours ago  •  By Rob Chaney

SALMON LAKE – Recurring blooms of blue-green algae on Salmon Lake have local residents concerned their watershed is changing for the worse.

“While the blooms observed have not reached nuisance or toxic levels, they pose serious concerns and are symptomatic of other problems in Salmon Lake and the Clearwater watershed,” said Brenda Lindlief-Hall, director of the Clearwater Resource Council. “The bloom this year was far more dramatic than in past years.”

Clumps of algae were visible along the shoreline and in the water through much of October this year, said council board member Bruce Rieman of Seeley Lake. The cold weather of November has pretty much cut off the growing season and dispersed the clumps.

“One of our members flew over the lake and got pictures,” Rieman said. “You could see boats plowing wakes through green stuff.”

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