I colori dell’acqua riflettono lo stato dell’ambiente



The Color of Water Reflects State of Environment [Slide Show]

This series of photographs from the upcoming book Our Beautiful, Fragile World, by Peter Essick, decodes the many hues of H2O

SINKHOLE: Algae blooms in a sinkhole near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Excess nitrogen in the water from fertilizer and manure runoff provides the nutrients for the algae to grow. It is the chlorophyll that gives the green algae its color. Some algae blooms also contain a neurotoxin called beta-Methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA, which can pass the blood-brain barrier and has been implicated as a possible link to neurodegenerative diseases in humans such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS)

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