Livelli di fioritura di alghe azzurre

Algae blooms prompt water quality warnings

Blue green algaeToxicity levels from blue green algae, shown here on Lake Winnipeg , prompted the province to issue a water quality warning for Pelican Lake.
CTV Winnipeg
Last Updated Saturday, August 3, 2013 2:59PM CST

You may notice the water at the lake looks a little greener than normal this weekend. Algal blooms have been reported on several lakes throughout the province, prompting warnings about possible water contamination.

The province issued a warning to avoid drinking or swimming in the water at Pelican Lake this week. Blue-green algae levels were above recreational water quality guidelines and toxin levels were also above safe levels.

An algal bloom was also reported on Silver Beach Lake. Although the amount of algae cells was above recommended levels, the amount of toxins was below water quality guidelines. An advisory sign was posted alerting people that there was an algae bloom.

People are being warned not to swim or drink water where algae blooms are observed. Pets should also be prevented from swimming or drinking the water.

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