Alghe: dai biocarburanti alla cosmesi

Biotech Company Solazyme in Deal to Sell Algae-Based Cosmetics with Sephora

From fuel to cosmetics

By Scott Budman
|  Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013  |  Updated 3:22 PM PDT
Yes, Algae Can Make You Beautiful

Inside Solazyme’s cosmetics lab.

It’s already in your car. How about a little on your face?

Not content to try and revolutionize the fuel market, Silicon Valley biotech company Solazyme is targeting skincare products. By re-engineering algae, Solazyme has been able to create a cleaner fuel. It’s a cool idea, embraced by some car and airline makers.

Now, Solazyme wants to get a little more glamorous.

It’s expanding a deal to sell cosmetics with skincare and makeup hotshot Sephora, and yes, the products will be algae-based. Solazyme has been working on cosmetic products for a couple of years.

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